Special Wrap Roll Collection: First Strikes- His Majesty King Charles III

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The coins in this First Strikes set are among the first 2023-dated circulation coins struck at our Winnipeg facility, and this year’s set holds the distinction of being the first of its kind to feature the new Canadian effigy of His Majesty King Charles III. The collector case contains a Special Wrap Roll of each standard denomination ($2, $1, 25¢, 10¢, 5¢) for a total of five rolls, each one wrapped in premium paper and sealed with a holographic label.


  • Polar Bear: Introduced in 1996, Canada’s bi-metallic two-dollar coin features the polar bear, an Arctic species that is a symbol of strength. Artist: Brent Townsend
  • Common Loon: A defining image of Canada and its currency, the loon made its coin debut on June 30, 1987. Artist: Robert-Ralph Carmichael
  • Caribou: The antlered representative of Canada’s northern wilderness, the caribou first appeared on the 25-cent coin in 1937. Artist: Emanuel Hahn
  • BluenoseAn enduring symbol of Canada’s maritime history and heritage, Bluenose first appeared on the 10-cent coin in 1937. Artist: Emanuel Hahn
  • Beaver: The five-cent coin’s beaver design dates back to 1937, but the animal is a centuries-old icon that is synonymous with Canada’s early history. Artist: G. E. Kruger-Gray

Special features

  • First Strikes of 2023-dated circulation coins. Keep your coin collection up to date with these First Strikes—a collection of Special Wrap Rolls containing 2023-dated circulation coins struck at our Winnipeg facility on the first day of their production.
  • Not seen since 2022. Canada’s classic circulation designs only appeared on collector’s editions (non-circulation coins) in 2023.  Those designs are ready to enter circulation in 2023 with a new obverse, and they are available in this First Strikes collection.
  • Five denominations in one collection. Canada’s five standard circulation coin denominations—$2, $1, 25¢, 10¢, 5¢—are represented in this set, which gives you a full roll of each.
  • Holographic label. Each Special Wrap Roll is sealed with a holographic label.
  • Limited supply. Only 15,000 Special Wrap Roll CollectionsFirst Strikes are available to collectors worldwide.


Your five Special Wrap Rolls are presented side-by-side in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded collector case.