General informations

Gold is and will always be a “safe haven value”. Thus, 75 % gold companies predict that gold prices continue to increase.

Purchases of gold from central banks, mainly in emerging countries seeking to diversify their reserves, have increased their purchases according to the World Gold Council (WGC), which federates the gold industry.

The Royal Canadian Mint has sold a record number of 29.2 million ounces of its silver maple leaf and 709,000 ounces of its gold maple leaf.

  1. Why invest in “physical” precious metals?

    Gold and silver can help to protect securities in portfolio against inflation, deflation, stagflation, systemic failure, financial collapse and currency devaluation. In opposition to stocks, bonds and traditional money market instruments, gold and silver, because of their physical properties, are an asset where price is generally not dependent on results, future growth or payment to come. These physical properties are used to convert the gold and silver into other property or investments, which can provide to investors an immediate liquidity than other types of investments. It is wise to acquire to diversify its portfolio and to guard against currency variations, stock values, financial securities and other financial products “paper”.

    In long term, gold and silver have always maintain their value better than other asset classes because they generally offer better protection against inflation. The fundamentals of the gold and silver have risen steadily in recent years which have resulted in an increase to record levels (source Royal Canadian Mint, the program of Canadian gold reserves, Nov. 2011).

    Investment in paper gold is risky for anyone who wants to secure its future.”Physical Investments” rose sharply over the world, while stocks (ETF, TBT and similar actions) saw their offers fall (source: Thomson Reuters, GFMS, World Gold Council). A “paper investment” does not necessarily include a “physical” product behind your investment, but future contracts expire and derivatives to “hedge your investments.” In case of default by the issuer, the “paper gold” will not be assigned under any circumstances, often nonexistent.

    We do not offer trust fund shares, exchange traded funds (ETF) or mutual funds (MF), we propose instead a “direct ownership” with physical gold and silver products.

  1. How to buy or sell investment products?

    Investment products can be buy or sell directly from Monnaie Collection Royale, official distributor of the Royal Canadian Mint products. A call to our precious metals department and a manager will explain you the transaction processing (price, payment method, shipping etc …) quickly, courteously and confidentially. Based on the product availability, M. C. Royale sells a wide variety of investment products such as maple leaf coins and bars from the Royal Canadian Mint, bullion products from recognized partners such as Johnson Matthey, Perth Mint, Credit Suisse, Engelhard, etc.

  2. Become your direct ownership of your “physical” bullion products

    Unlike many other investment products in gold or silver traded, metals ‘physical’ allow buyers a convenient and easy way to be effective “owners direct” and they are tradable and recognized around the world.

  3. Precision, accuracy and purity

    Precision, accuracy and purity are certified and guaranteed by the application of strict protocol established on the international standard kilogram and standards established by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association).


  4. Pricing and availability

    The price bullion would be fixed according to the daily exchange rate fluctuations on international markets and after checking their availability.

Important notice

Losses or gains can occur following a decrease in the prices of precious metals or their bonus. Potential investors should carefully review the risks and benefits before making the decision to buy physical investment products.

The fluctuation of the US currency may have favorable or unfavorable impact on the value of precious metals. The price of physical metals could be dependent on various factors such as supply and demand, exchange rates, interest rates, major economic crises and circumstances, discount sales, competition, sales or purchases of large quantities of precious metals by the official sector could be positive or negative. So there are risks of losses or gains in certain circumstances. The purchaser agrees to accept it fully understands and knowingly and to have had full freedom to study, analyze to make an informed choice without any constraint, directing its choice to the physical metals.

For questions, information or orders, please contact our team.

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