2023 O Canada Gift Set

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Looking for a fun souvenir, an iconic Canadian gift, or an expression of love for this country? The O Canada Gift Card Set makes it easy to hold onto your memories of Canada in 2023. Inside the easy-to-mail, easy-to-display card are five 2023-dated Canadian non-circulation coins that offer a window into Canada’s character and natural heritage. One of those coins is an exclusive, special-themed $1 coin that combines two great Canadian icons—the moose and the maple leaf—on its reverse, where the proud pairing embodies Canada’s wild spirit and spaces.


Instead of a classic Loonie, the $1 coin in this set features the moose and the maple leaf—a proudly Canadian pairing! The playfully patriotic coin is a set exclusive—it was specially struck for the 2023 O Canada Gift Set and is not available on its own.

Special Features

  • Quintessentially Canadian! Whether you’re marking a special occasion, starting a collection or looking for an iconic Canadian souvenir, hold onto your memories of 2023 with the O Canada Gift Card Set!
  • Exceptionally rare! This is an easy way to acquire a 2023-dated version of the traditional reverse designs of Canadian coinage ($2, 25¢, 10¢, 5¢), in a year when these are only available as non-circulation coins.
  • Mark the date! Each Gift Card Set features five (5) 2023-dated Canadian non-circulation coins: 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents and 2 dollars, including a special-themed one-dollar coin.
  • A moose mascot for 2023! The $1 coin in each 2023 Gift Set (Baby, Birthday, Holiday and O Canada) features a fun moose design that reflects the theme and represents the spirit of Canada. The moose is a popular symbol of this country’s wildlife and wild spaces, and its antlers make it one of Canada’s most recognizable species!
  • Limited mintage. Limited to 100,000 sets worldwide—order yours today!

Your 2023 O Canada Gift Card Set comes in gift card packaging. The five non-circulation coins are set in a blister pack inside the card. We’ve also made it easy to present or mail your personalized gift by including a custom-designed envelope.


Mintage 100,000
Finish BU (Brilliant Uncirculated)
As we focus our attention on commemorating the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022), the Mint will not be issuing any 2023-dated Canadian circulation coins featuring both the traditional reverse designs and an obverse featuring Queen Elizabeth II. Instead, we are offering a collector’s edition of these annual issues that have been struck in limited numbers. These are non-circulation coins, meaning they are legal tender but not intended for general circulation. The obverse also bears a special marking that includes four pearls symbolizing the four effigies that have graced Canadian coins and the double date of her reign.