A Heritage of Quality

The gold and silver refineries of the Royal Canadian Mint are among the most sophisticated and renowned in the world, producing ingots, wafers and custom products. Some of the contributing factors for success:

Some of the contributing factors for success:

•   Full integration, from raw material to final strike
•   ISO 9001 certified facility
•   Streamlined operations, from testing to the delivery of refined materials
•   Quality recognized by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association)

DNA (Digital Non-destructive Activation) Anti-counterfeiting Technology

For investors, the digital authentication of gold and silver maple leaf coins add a validation step to the purchase process. Since 2014, this technology offers you peace of mind by facilitating the authentication of investment products from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Using advanced engraving, laser-marking technology and precision radial lines, the Maple Leaf investment coin contains the 2-digit year of issue of the coin. In addition, the traditional finish of investment coins have been replaced by radial lines engraved to the nearest micrometer. Their width and inclination are so precise and so unique that each coin diffracts light differently.

Here are several dates and events of great significance:

1982 : The Royal Canadian Mint launches its pure (99.99%) gold investment coin, the first ever in the world.
1988 : The Royal Canadian Mint launches its Maple Leaf coins in pure (99.99$) Silver and pure (99.99%) Platinum,
            for sale to investors and collectors.
1998 : The Royal Canadian Mint begins to refine gold up to 9999 degrees of purity.
2005 : The Maple Leaf coin in pure (99.95%) Palladium weighing 1 ounce is launched, carrying a nominal value
            of $50 and produced in limited quantities.
2007 : The Royal Canadian Mint creates a gold coin investment with a purity of 99.999%.
            To this day, it remains the only Mint to produce coins of this quality.

The Royal Canadian Mint launches the “million-dollar coin”, its largest gold investment coin to date. Weighing 100 kilograms, this coin is made of 99999 pure gold and carries a nominal value of a million dollars. There are only five copies produced of this record investment coin.

To ensure that the coins contain their guaranteed weight to the nearest centigram, the coins are weighed several times during production. The silver coins are weighed twice, while the gold coins are weighed three times: in their raw state, after striking, then at the time they are packaged. The weight and purity of investment coins are guaranteed by the Government of Canada.