Monnaie Collection Royale (MCR) is the official distributor and supplier of the Royal Canadian Mint’s products for several institutions, including the entire Desjardins caisse network in Canada since 1990, and is a member of the largest associations in the field. 

Working in the field of collecting and investing in coins, MCR has been able to develop and promote its products on a national scale, while being able to produce prestigious collectible.

MCR regularly collaborates with the Royal Canadian Mint team developing new products, concepts and premium products.

Many other business sectors, such as Law enforcement, Lawyers, Insurance companies, Notaries (Trust & inheritance services), call upon our experienced, professional, personalized and confidential services.

Acquiring physical precious metal from the Royal Canadian Mint a “simple and distinctive” solution , an alternative to be considered in portfolio management. MCR has the necessary expertise to address a variety of concerns. We can provide information and advice on the acquisition, delivery, resale and appraisal of physical precious metals, as well as other services.

We also offer an exclusive storage service for Signature Service members, in partnership with GardaWorld. Regardless of size, shape or value, your precious metals are kept in a high security facility in total confidence.

Our vast experience and knowledge of the Precious metals market, will enable us to exceed your expectations, and this because of our dynamic and competent team, unparalleled service and exceptional quality of investment and numismatic products.



 If I had started buying precious metals at the age of 30, I would have other dreams to realize. I am now 60
Gaston S.
MCR gave me all the necessary information in a professional manner and gave me confidence throughout the transaction.
Sylvie A.
I give 5 stars to the MCR team.
Martine S.
An investment product that is cashable overnight, terrific!
Robert L.
Uncomplicated and easy, I trust them completely.
Jean-Pierre F..
Offer of comprehensive and personalized services.
Anthony G.
At my age, I want to pass on to my heirs a physical asset of great value.
Lucien T.
For me, this is a tangible way to diversify my portfolio…and it’s solid after all!
Pierre C.