Special Features:

  • Enclosed in a divisible blister, each of these 8 Gold Maple Leaf coins is legal tender with a weight of 1 g
  • Each coin has a distinct serial number and together, they are fully certified to be 8 x 1 g coins are 99.99% pure gold coins.
  • Signed by the RCM’s chief Assayer, the assay certificate on the back of the card certifies the authenticity
        and the purity of each pure gold bullion coin.
  • NEW for 2016: Each Gold Maple Leaf coin features precisely machined radial lines—a security feature that is pushing the
        boundaries of engraving technology.
  • The front of the packaging features a simplified Chinese character that is a translation of “MapleGram8”.
  • The red and gold colours of the customized packaging symbolize prosperity and luck, and confer a blessing of good fortune,
        joy and happiness upon its owner.
  • The use of the number “8” reflects the Chinese cultural importance of this number, which represents wealth and prosperity;
        it is considered to be the luckiest number in Chinese tradition.
  • Poids (g) :                  8 X 1
  • Pureté (%) :                99.99
  • Dimension (mm) :    8
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