2022 $30 Fine Silver Coin – Snowy Owl on Driftwood, by Robert Bateman

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Hauntingly beautiful, the aptly named snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) makes a powerful impression after touching down on this 2 oz. 99.99% pure silver coin. Its reverse design is an engraved interpretation of Snowy Owl on Driftwood, an original work of art by internationally renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman. In this portrait, Canada’s most famous owl has turned its attention away from the viewer, but there’s no mistaking the intensity of its piercing stare, which suggests a steely determination and a quiet strength.

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Product Number  205012
Mintage  4,500
Composition  99.99% pure silver
Weight  62.69 g
Diameter  50 mm
Edge  Serrated
Face Value  30 dollar
Finish  Proof
Packaging  Black clamshell with black beauty box
Artist  Robert Bateman (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)


  • A 2022 Robert Bateman exclusive. An exclusive opportunity to own an engraved interpretation of an original piece of art by internationally renowned wildlife artist, Robert Bateman. Each photo-realistic work of art tells a story and reflects the artist’s commitment to wildlife conservation and education.
  • Fine silver art. Your coin is crafted from 2 oz. of 99.99% pure silver, which provides a generously sized (50 mm) canvas for all the finely engraved details that capture the spirit of the original art.
  • Limited edition. This 2 oz.-sized offering puts Robert Bateman’s art within reach of many collectors, but given the artist’s popularity and a mintage of just 4,500, this coin will likely be a sought-after piece!
  • Includes serialized certificate! The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins.


Canada’s most famous owl
The artist’s signature



“The snowy owl is a bird of the Arctic, however, very few of us are privileged to visit its summer breeding grounds on the tundra. Even if it were possible to do this, one would be very lucky to see a breeding pair. The area is so vast that the population spreads out and all but disappears. Its winter range in the south is limited to open agricultural land that has a normal winter snow cover where prey is easily visible. This owl is perched on some well-travelled driftwood along the edge of a winter lake. I enjoy speculating on the adventures that brought both owl and wood to this spot.”