2022 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Black and Gold: The Sea Otter

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The third Black and Gold coin! One of the things nature does best is balance, and the sea otter is the perfect example: this adorable creature works hard, but it also makes time to float arm-in-arm (or paw-in-paw) with a loved one.

Once hunted to the point of extinction, the sea otter has been reintroduced to British Columbia’s coastal waters, where its appetite keeps sea urchin populations in check—this, in turn, helps to restore and protect the kelp forests that are a critical habitat for hundreds of species. It’s all about balancewhich is beautifully represented on this coin’s dual-plated reverse.

Own this gold and black rhodium-plated portrait of the lovable sea otter.

  • Back by popular demand. This is coin #3 in the popular Black and Gold design of 99.99% pure silver coins that offer new perspectives on Canadian wildlife.
  • Three precious alloys. Beneath the gold and black rhodium plating, your coin has a 99.99% pure silver core.
  • Includes serialized certificate. The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins.
  • No GST/HST


Dynamic design
Black and gold rhodium
Matte proof finish


Claude Thivierge
Susanna Blunt

For yin yang, this otter is ideal because it can be playful, dynamic and calm at the same time. I wanted the artwork to reflect this energy. I want it to be dynamic with movement and a certain tenderness and beauty in her eyes and her endearing friendly way. It also gives us the impression that the otter is lying down, floating on its back, which is the case because it spends a lot of time in this position resting, eating, sleeping and grooming.
Claude Thivierge, Artist