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Hearts will soar at the sight of this exquisite coin honouring one of the most awe-inspiring icons of the Canadian wilderness—the bald eagle. Throughout the ages, people have been captivated by the eagle’s ability to soar at great heights, and this coin takes you to new heights to enjoy our first-ever bird’s eye view. Far below, the clear water shimmers with subtle realism, while every feather can be distinguished as the eagle rides the wind. This masterpiece demonstrates the spectacular results that can be achieved through the pure application of traditional engraving. It’s a must-have keepsake of Canada!


On your coin’s reverse, a bald eagle soars high above the coast in this dramatic design by Canadian artist Steve Hepburn. The eagle’s wings are outstretched with power and confidence, every feather depicted in magnificent detail. Its flight feathers sweep across the lower portion of the coin, drawing the eye in, over the eagle’s shoulder to its intensely focused profile and the shimmering water below. The viewer gets the sense they are soaring alongside this magnificent raptor with a privileged view of the coastline and mountains in the distance. And on your coin’s obverse, a unique water design flows across the coin and around the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth by Susanna Blunt with “ELIZABETH II D.G. REGINA” and “2020” engraved along the edge of the coin.


  • A MUST-HAVE P.O.V. This is our first coin to honour the bald eagle with a bird’s eye view—a fresh perspective that showcases its majesty and power as it soars high above the coast in search of a meal. It’s an iconic view of Canada and our rich natural heritage!
  • SUPERLATIVE ENGRAVING and FROSTING bring a multitude of textures to life—the soft feathers, rocky coastline, glassy water. This coin pushes the art of engraving to new heights to create a masterpiece worthy of the most distinguished collections.
  • STUNNING REALISM is crafted into every detail of the eagle’s wings and feathers, and its intense, focused stare. It’s a combination of power and grace that’s so compelling, you’ll want to reach out and touch!


Composition:  99.99% fine silver
Mintage:  750
Weight:  157.6 g
Diameter:  65.25 mm
Face Value:  $50
Finish:  Proof
Edge:  Serrated
Artist:  Steve Hepburn

Black clamshell with black beauty box